Saturday, June 18, 2011

Storefront - BEFORE

These photos were taken 4/23/2011 a few days before demolition began.  It has been quite a process!  The space was a Hair Salon/Spa before and there ended up being quite a bit more work needed than we realized.

This is the front of the store from the Right side

View from the Left side

This is the Left Wall in the front of the store.  We shortened the wall and are going to leave it for a Display area.  This will be a rotating display...bed, kitchen, whatever goes best with the theme featured that month.

Right Wall in the front of the store.  We left this wall and will have another display area.  This is going to feature Baby/Kids items - probably going to be my most favorite part of the store

View standing from the front door - the view to the back.  Being that is was a Spa/Salon before - there are many little rooms throughout.  We took out all the walls opening up the store.

One of the many rooms in the middle of the store

This is in the middle of the store.  The view is looking from the Right Wall towards the Left Wall. The wall that juts out to the right of the open door is where the Classroom will be.  The door immediately on the right is the bathroom.

Another view of where the Classroom will be.  The bathroom door (on the right side of the photo) has been moved to the back and this smoothed into a full wall.

This is the far Left corner - the windows are actually the back of the store.  We are going to have the classroom in this area.  All the light coming in will be fantastic for the classroom.

This wall is directly across from where the classroom area is going to be.  Again, the windows are the back wall.

Front of the Oaks Mall Plaza.  We are going into the empty space upstairs between Tan USA and Great Southern Music - above the Nail shop.  The Elevator is just to the left of Tan USA - so we'll be just one store away from it.

I'm going by tonight to get some updated photos. I am SOOOO ready for the shop to open.  The new lines for Fall have arrived and my thread and a few display fixtures.  We have  a whole obstacle course now in the front hallway & piano room in our home!  In fact, maybe I'll include a picture or two of that!

Friday, June 10, 2011

So Much and Too Much

What a crazy last month it has been and I am sooo glad things are getting back into a normal routine.  Here are a few of the things we've had the last few weeks:
  1. End of year Banquets/Recitals:  Baton, Gymnastics, Wrestling, Football, Tennis
  2. Graduations:  Maegan's High School, Sophie & Lillie from Pre-K, Maegan from Seminary (early morning scripture study) and Maegan's AA Degree
  3. Birthdays:  Maegan's 18th, Wade's 16th, Sophie & Lillie's 5th, Neices & Nephews and Austin's 14th coming up in just a few days
  4. Monumental Events:  Maegan's College Decisions:  BYU or UF, Wade gets his Drivers License
  5. Summer Begins:  Maegan has 2 weeks left of Summer to complete her AA then will begin work, Sophie & Lillie are now home...all day long...
  6. Sports:  USTA Tennis League, Off Season Wrestling Practices & Tournaments, Spring Football & Games,
  7. Injuries:  Wade hurt his hip during football and is able to rehab through it using Physical Therapy.  I hurt my shoulder playing tennis and we are hoping to avoid surgery with rest and physical therapy.  "D", a friend of Wade's (who always dates my neice), was in a terrible car accident Memorial Weekend leaving him with 2 broken hips, a punctured lung, and broken ribs.  "D" cannot put any weight on his hips at all and is wheelchair bound for 3 months.  Being a huge part of our family's life it has had quite an impact.
  8. Chickadee Shops Storefront:  Slowly, but...slowly the store is coming together.  Lots of setbacks and hidden problems during the demo. Paint & Carpet is set to begin in the next day or so, A/C goes in next week.  Our goal is to open July 1st - with or without all the store fixtures/shelving/etc.

So with all of that behind us we look forward to what Summer will bring:
  1. No School:  Did I mention yet that the twins are home all day?
  2. Sports:  I took the summer off of tennis to rest my shoulder but I get to play 2 days a week!  Wade has 2-A-Days: Football in morning & Wrestling in afternoon
  3. Rosemary in Brisbane, Australia:  This is a tough one.  My mom and I are very close as well as she is a huge part of Chickadee Shops AND teaches our Quilting Classes.  She leaves 4th of July to head to Brisbane where my little sister, Amanda, is due with her 3rd baby and first girl. 
  4. Amanda's Baby:   It's always exciting for a new baby - but Amanda gets her first girl!
  5. Travel & Camps:  Costa Rica, Wrestling, BYU's Especially for Youth (EFY), Youth Conference, Secret Surprise Trip to Las Vegas to see Garth Brooks
  6. Chickadee Shops Opens in the Oaks Mall Plaza in Gainesville FL
Okay, so now I am overhwelmed all over again! 

Here is the good news!  Amanda is going to join me in keeping everyone updated through our Blog and Facebook page with all the Chickadee News & Highlights.  Very Exciting - besides, she is much better than me at all this stuff anyways :).

I've got so much to load and share..., Upcoming Lines, Christmas Lines, Patriotic Quilts (just the quilt tops are completed so far), a fun new Hexagon quilt I tried, and photos of the store and it's progress!  AND I'll give you a proper introduction to Amanda!!