Monday, March 14, 2011

Graham Cracker & Oreo Marshmallows

We are a big fan of Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant.  My favorite is their cheese fondue but I suppose they are most popular for their chocolate fondue  One of my favorites is the marshmallows - which are rolled in Graham Cracker crumbs and Oreo crumbs.  On our last visit I asked how to make them and they were happy to share them with me!  These are so fast and easy to make and my 4 year old twins had no problems helping me out!


Oreo & Graham Cracker Marshmallows
Melting Pot version

Ingredients:  Marshmallows, water, crumbs

1.  If you want to make your own crumbs:  Put graham crackers in a bag.  I found the easiest way to crush them and get a nice fine crumb is to use a rolling pin to crush with.  I just roll and roll moving the bag around until you get a nice fine crumb.  For the Oreo crumbs, you need only the oreo part.  I'm sure you will have no shortage of people to eat the middles out of your oreos!  I scraped the middle out used just the cookie part.  Then I followed the same procedure of placing them in a bag and using a rolling pin to crush.

2.  Take your Marshmallows and roll in water. 

3.  Put your wet marshmallows in the crumb mixture and shake.

Tada!  You now have gorgeous covered marshmallows that are super yummy.  These are perfect for fondue, covering in chocolate, smores, or to just eat!


  1. Hmmm, so simple but look so yummy. Thanks for posting!

  2. We dined at the Melting Pot last night. I asked our waiter how they prepared the marshmallows, but he said that the manager told him that it was a secret and he could not share. I was pretty sure I'd find my answer on the internet. I'm going to try it out on my kids very soon. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you SO much for posting this!

  4. Thank you! I just had these at The Melting Pot and I really wanted to make them at home. They were fantastic!

  5. *Quick tip* I put the cookies in my food processor, they were like a fine sand in seconds. These are my favorite dessert at the melting pot. Thanks for sharing!! :)

  6. How far in advance do you think I can make these for a gathering.

  7. How far in advance do you think I can make these for a gathering.

  8. Thank you for sharing..I making them for my raspberry fondue at my 7up sponsored party