Thursday, April 21, 2011

Maegan's Prom Dress!

It has been so crazy busy but I am excited to share some projects I've completed. 

Last weekend was Maegan's LDS prom.  It's her senior year and last year we made her prom dress (and my neice's too) but we both weren't super thrilled with hers, although my neice's dress turned out amazing!  Maegan has a tough body type to buy for and factor in all the immodest dresses it seems we are left with no other option but to make one.

2 weeks ago Maegan calls and says, "Mom. Will you make my dress?  You have 10 days."  EEK!  So off we went and looked for a great dress pattern that she will also be able to use at BYU. 

We used a simple pattern and since she didn't want cap sleeves added, she found a gorgeous scarf and we googled how to tie it into a shrug.  It matched her silver heels and turned out so nice.  It was a very easy pattern and we used black crepe as the fabric.  It fit her body really nice.  The best part is she can change the colors of her scarf/shrug and it will look like a different dress!

Maegan and her scarf tied as a shrug

This is me & Maegan

A view of the whole dress

Maegan & her friend Chandler

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