Thursday, February 10, 2011

We got the storefront!!

OH MY HECK!  I am just speechless between I got the call this morning instead of waiting a week AND they agreed to everything I asked for!

Whoo Hoo!!!

So from here...I have to wait for the lease (probably next week since the Landlord is out of town), get that signed and give them some money.  Then they will begin the demo, clearing it back to a rectangle with 4 walls, some generic carpet, & a bathroom.  Once that is complete (30-60 days depending on permits), I then come in and customize the space with the design I want for my store.

But the very first thing I need to express my gratitude.  I am so amazed at how the Lord responds to prayers and if we are patient and if we listen to the promptings and then ACT on them, the blessings will come.  I am so grateful that I listened to the prompting yesterday to switch spaces.  I am so grateful that I was able to have this opportunity. 

Oaks Mall we come!

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